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Brightness Requirements

  • Hi All,

    Im in the process of making a magic mirror for my office, however the office is really bright. What would you recommend the minimum brightness of my monitor to be in order for it to be viewed nicely?

    Thank you.

  • Actually i would say, it depends more on the lighttransmission factor of the mirrorglas than on the brightness of the mirror

  • Thanks for the feedback, what should the light transmission percentage be for a high light environment?

  • @Truthhy
    I would say round about 20%. But maybe also someone else can give feedback.

  • Moderator

    Unfortunately, that’s a hard one to figure out. It’s going to have to be a trial and error for you. Generally, the higher the transmission rate, the less reflective you will get.

  • Do I typically want to go as high as possible with reflection? I have a 85% and 65% reflect foil I am looking at applying to glass. What would you suggest?

  • Moderator

    More reflectivity means more silver particles in the material. More silver particles means less light transmission for the monitor. Every situation is different, every room is different. You will have to try it out. My suggestion is to find a place you can order sample pieces from, then go hold them up again the monitor, in the environment it’s going to be in, see what works.

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