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Custom .gif animation upon Magic Mirror Startup. Is this possible?

  • I didn’t see any posts on the forum about this topic already, so I was wondering if the concept of having a custom animation launch (that is played only once) upon the MagicMirrors startup is possible. I know there is already a module that allows the user to input custom animations inside their magicMirror “MMM-EyeCandy” as a module exists, but has anyone come across the possibility of using this module or another method to have a custom .gif animation appear -> play -> and then disappear before allowing any other modules in the mirror to load in?

    All help on the topic is appreciated!

  • You mean when you start the raspberry PI or that a gif gets played right before the others appear?

  • @maxbachmann Preferably having a gif play before the other modules appear. In my setup, I’ll either use a motion sensor or commands to keep the mirror in the off-state until I want to use the mirror so when the mirror is activated I want the custom animation to play before the other modules come into focus.

  • Well you could just add some code to your other modules to hide them when they are set up and let your gif module send a message to the other modules to show after the gif finished. (How sending these messages and reacting to them to show/hide modules works you can see quite well in Mykles Hello Lucy module, where he uses them to hide/show modules according to voice commands)

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