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welcome newcomers my own clip by motion detector

  • Hi actually I bought venetian mirror 640 x 500 mm with one way will be the best for play my own clip with my greeting when motion detector take signal ?

    1. Take screen from monitor PC 21 inches and connect with tablet ,phone or other better solution you know
    2. What the program will be the best for my idea to connect motion detector with tablet or phone ?

  • I’m not sure, what you really want to know.

    • Raspberry pi?
    • MagicMirror-Framework based on node.js or just your own solution if it’s just the video
    • Motion Detector is connected with Pi-Pins / alternatively maybe ITTT and then push?

  • namely, I want to do a video welcome in the hall, on the motion sensor. write it own .avi movie I have seen the PI is interactive with the watch, weather, etc. but if I can write it there a video Is right as well ? Cause I have to be sure before I buy pi and with one model pi is the best fore my solution ?

  • Module Developer

    Have a read through this thread, someone has documented how to host a video in MM

  • @meteor007 I would start first with reading through the forum. Cause it won’t be that easy to implement all what you want. So first be sure, that you are able to bring the effort to go the “extra” mile for a DIY-Magic Mirror. In case you recognize, that you haven’t the time or interest, I saw a thread about a Magic Mirror on kickstarter…

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