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What Mirror Glas/Acryl for MM ?

  • Hello, I’m new to the forum and a few days ago I started to get all the necessary parts for the magic mirror. However, I am just facing the right choice of the mirror glass, which must have specifications, whether acrylic or glass. So I ask you, with what you have the best experiences?
    Excuse my english, I come from Germany.

  • I am in the process of finishing my MM. I went with 3/16" thick Mirror Pane Glass vs the Acrylic for a couple of reasons.

    1. To support a small local business
    2. No chance of waviness in the glass.

    Yes, it is substantially heavier and brings about a spectacular boom when dropped vs. Acrylic.

    My next project which will be a laptop screen will use acrylic because of the costs associated with using glass.

  • I had bought here the mirror folie:
    They send it also to Germany i think.

    I use it on a simple piece of glass.


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