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Input ideas

  • Ok so i have an iFrame module in my Magic Mirror that has buttons in it that i can press to trigger home automation things but i need to press them somehow…how can i do that without having a mouse dangling around any ideas.??

    I did connect a Bluetooth pointer/joy stick gaming mouse but it disconnects too often and it is so difficult to use cause it moves too fast. Does anyone else have any other ideas on how can i achieve some sort of input into the MM area ??

    Thank you

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    IR touch frame, or add physical buttons to the raspberrys gpio pins and use the button module (can’t remember the name at the moment).

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    If you use iFrame, there is nothing except ‘click(touch or mouse or keyboard-tab)’ for control, I guess. iFrame is independent from MM system so, there is little margin to control by MM modules.

  • @richland007 expecting you have it running the “standard” way (running mm2 on your pi and directly showing it it on it aswell) You can basically choose whatever way is best suited for you.Mouse and touch obviously directly work fine. But I can’t see a reason not to use external buttons or a voice recognition. As @Sean stated they are not directly compatible with MM2 overall, but at least when running it on your device you can always use workarounds. (an example for this is using omxplayer as overlay to show videos since it performs much better then electron due to hardware acceleration support)
    You could for example use a program/module listening to the voice inputs and reacting by doing mouse/keyboard actions in certain places. Same for external buttons over the GPIO pins …
    Obviously thats more work than just connection a IR frame or a mouse, but certainly possible when you don’t want to use a mouse and for example can’t add a IR frame anymore (or just don’t want to)

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