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A quick question about crontab

  • Every few hours - like once a day (very irregularly) - my mirror just goes black. The Magicmirror is still running and everything but it’s not displaying anything anymore. A ctrl+rrefreshes the site and all modules show up again without restarting the process via pm2.
    I would like to automatize that with crontab, if possible. Does anyone know how tell crontab to execute a key combination? For now I’ve put pm2 reload mm. Still have to see if that works as intended but a simple refresh would be nicer.

    Of course if anybody knows how to fix the “going blank” issue I’ll be more than happy go that route. I couldn’t figure out yet what causes it. All I can say is that the CPU load goes down to 0-1% and the available free memory is suspiciously high while the script is still running. This never happened before I updated to v2.4.1.

  • @madscientist others have mentioned commenting out the updater module

  • @sdetweil also, i don’t think u can send keystrokes

  • Thanks for your reply. I have already commented out the updater module (following the other thread quietly) but that hasn’t changed anything. It’s a pity you can’t send keystrokes but for now the pm2 reload...seems to do the job. At least according to pm was successfully reloaded this morning.

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