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MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall installation issue

  • @richland007 its all done man 🙂

  • @oceank Dang it man i am the only one who hasn’t gotten around to finish it up. I will try tonight but i might need your help my man 🙂

  • @richland007 im available today so just send me a chat!

  • @oceank @blackpanda OK well i have triple checked my appID and pasted on the index.js file i have triple checked the endpoint and pasted on the mirrormirror.js file.
    Went and checked my API keys on Google i had like 8 of them, however none of them were what i had on keys.json file (so wired) so i picked 2 from the list and wrote them there along with my custom search ID uploaded to Lambda and copied over to the MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall folder as well.
    I can see the MagicMirror: Connected to AWS IoT Subscribed for new-text, new-images, new-video, change-module also on Lambda i see the invocations getting posted on the logs all the time when i test from the developer.alexa with the invocation “magic mirror” i get the response “hello my queen blah blah blah…” but when i type show pictures of dwarfs i still get “there was a problem with requested skills response”
    What am i doing wrong???
    Is it the API keys form google ?? Where i can i see if they are getting hit with requests?
    …and do you all get any errors on Lambda logs when you test Lambda (how do you test Lamda) i still get the appId not unique when it is absolutely mine!!!

    It is an ass whooping this module 🙂 i am gonna throw a party when its done LOL

  • @richland007 can you close and open the modules? does any of the magic mirror skill work? if you can close and open modules, there might be something with the API for google and youtube.

    I do get labda error when I try to set up a test so I dont know why its like that. But all functions are working for me now. close, open all modues, find pictures, autostart youtube clip, clearing it etc.

    What you can do is start the mirror with development option then you can see exactly what happens.

    at the google console you can see both youtube and google search hits if they are succesfull or not.

    At cloudwatch you can check the logs if it finds video or pictures…

  • @oceank Hey buddy… no wit won’t work with turning on and off modules either it just says “there was a problem with requested skills response” here are my Lamda errors


    And MM says connected to AWS IoT obviously for all text, video, images, modules.

    What the heck is going on where should i start troubleshooting
    @blackpanda please help me 🙂 i will greatly appreciate it

  • @richland007 pm me I know how to get this done!

  • @oceank @blackpanda I deleted my Alexa skill and started from the beginning on the developers.alexa i also deleted my Lambda function and built it from the beginning still the same result.
    IoT connects and Lambda gets hit i can see it in the metrics when i invoke the skill i can hear “Hello my queen how can i help etc…” but when i ask about anything else it says “There was a problem with your skills response”.
    I went and checked the API keys on Google and they have never been hit, at the same time the MM modules do not turn on or off just in case the keys are off!!!
    So what is causing it?? is it the interaction model ?? Cause i am sure it is not the certs because the IoT is connecting I can see that on startup the Connected to AWS IoT Subscribed for new-text, new-images, new-video, change-module…and and it is not the keys (although they have never been hit, but i am not 100% percent sure that they are right either) but than why is it not doing anything with the Magic Mirror such as turning On and Off modules and than saying there is nothing coming form the searches so that would tell us that it is the keys.
    I think the next step will do to redo my interaction model since it is pretty big and just use someones that i know its working just to test, but other than that i am fresh out of ideas and i would love to hear form the experts if you will please… so i can get this going as well cause it is driving me nuts LOL 🙂

  • @OceanK @blackpanda hello, Can you help me for a while?
    The story is that I follow the tutorial for the Mirrormirroronthewall installation and also fixed all the issues I face in the process by follow a few forum guide. And now my Lambda is completely success0_1551022914211_Screenshot (9).png
    But for some reasons, The Alexa Developer Console always say that “There was a problem with the requested skill’s response”.0_1551023075514_Screenshot (10).png Can you help me, please. I don’t know where I put it wrong. I also put the policy in the IoT Core like Blackpanda said. Can you write a full tutorial for this module installation.

  • @richland007 hey brah! I will sort it out for you. Im not home right now.

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