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MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall installation issue

  • @OceanK Thank you for respond me. I’m very close! Amazon Developer Console Skill work perfect, Rpi already connect to AWS IoT, but can’t receive any command.
    After very long process work with MirrorMirrorOnTheWall module, I finally got the skill work perfect. When I say “open on the wall”, the Alexa respond to me, and I ask to close all modules, It also respond “Yes my king, closing all Modules”.0_1551445152844_Screenshot (11).png And also, when I “pm2 logs mm” I see “Connected to AWS IoT, Subscribed :MagicMirror: new-text, new-images, change-module, new-video,…”.![0_1551445327440_Screenshot (13).png](Uploading 100%) But for some reason, the command doesn’t make any change in the magicmirror, It look like something stop the exchange data between AWS IoT and Rpi. I read a lot of post but can not find out how to fix that. Does any one have the solution?
    Thank you so much.

  • I have followed the tutorial very closely to get the Alexa skill working but it doesn’t seem to work quite right. Right now my skill will start up and respond accordingly with “Hello my Queen” but when I asked it to display an image it says “there was a problem with requested skills response“.

    When I checked my custom google search it is being hit with my request and it also says there were no errors.

    Does anybody know what I could be missing?

  • @Diep-Trung how did you get the skill to start working? The only thing that seems to work for me is the start up. Any command after that just says “there was a problem with the selected skills response”.

    Thanks for any help

  • All the info is in the thread for this to work