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MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall installation issue

  • Hey!

    OK so I have figuerd out some parts. If I make a test in the lamda and choose “Alexa start session”

    I get a nice green log, So that means the alexa skill is fine However when I try some other test for the lamda itself I get an error like you.:

    “version”: “1.0”,
    “response”: {
    “shouldEndSession”: false,
    “outputSpeech”: {
    “type”: “SSML”,
    “ssml”: " Hello my Queen, what can I do for you? "
    “reprompt”: {
    “outputSpeech”: {
    “type”: “SSML”,
    “ssml”: " I can show you text and images, if you give me commands like ‘say you are the fairest of them all’ or ‘find Snow White’. I can also open or close a magic mirror module, if you say commands like ‘open compliments’, or ‘close weather forecast’. What can I do for you, my Queen? "
    “card”: {
    “type”: “Simple”,
    “title”: “Hello”,
    “content”: “Hello my Queen, what can I do for you? I can show you text and images, if you give me commands like ‘say you are the fairest of them all’ or ‘find Snow White’. I can also open or close a magic mirror module, if you say commands like ‘open compliments’, or ‘close weather forecast’. What can I do for you, my Queen?”
    “sessionAttributes”: {},
    “userAgent”: “ask-nodejs/1.0.25 Node/v6.10.3”

    lambda test:

    at AlexaRequestEmitter.HandleLambdaEvent (/var/task/node_modules/alexa-sdk/lib/alexa.js:112:38)
    at AlexaRequestEmitter.value (/var/task/node_modules/alexa-sdk/lib/alexa.js💯31)
    at exports.handler (/var/task/index.js:37:11)

  • This post is deleted!

  • OK so I have narrowed it down to the lamda function. The lamda it not working, something wrong with index file.

    I have no idea how to correct it

  • Well on my end i cant even get to the point you that your are at. Even if i try to test with “Alexa start Session” i get the same error as before so my problem is with aws-iot-device-sdk inside node_modules and for this i need your help how to get to the same spot where my test on Alexa side will turn on “Hello my queen…” and not null.
    How can you send me the step by step on what you did and where did you differ from the instructions on @joanaz site or maybe a copy of the node_modules aws-iot-device-sdk i don’t know…and than we will try to get the rest figured out

  • OK so lets try it out! I will explain my steps here:

    1. Taspberry pi model 3b+
    2. stretch OS

    I began with a fresh OS install and then installed the magicmirror with the curl script. Configured all the basics for the mirror. So thats with that.

    1. I cloned the into the magic mirrors modules

    Then I cd into that folder and ran NPM install

    1. Then cloned the into the magic mirrors modules folder

    I then cd into that folder and into the src folder and there ran npm install

    so far so good.

    I noticed that the node_modules got vissible in the MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill after the npm install(src folder) just like joanaz guide told us to do.

    then follow joanaz:

    after running that script for the connection in step 1 of joanaz tutorial,
    Copy all your credential files, then go to your local copy of this repo, and paste them inside the certs folder (which is inside the src folder)

    those files goes into the MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill in the src/certs

    in the certs folder cp keys_sample.json keys.json and insert in the keys.json your credentials for youtube and google.

    then cd into the src folder for the MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill and zip everything inside src folder

    go to step 2 in joanaz guide for making the lamda and follow that and upload the zip

    last step is to Copy the ARN from the top right to be used later in the Alexa Skill Setup (just where you created the lamda function)

    step 4 in joanaz guide tells us to create the Alexa skill. follow that guide

    Invocation - as in the guide “on the wall”
    json editor (that template Interaction model, is within the MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill somewhere speech I cant remember right now but you will see it) just copy and paste it

    interfaces - here I picked the “display”
    endpoint here you need the ARN copied from earlier steps.
    save the model and then build it.

    after that you should be able to test it and it should say “yes my Queen etc”

    step 9 in joanaz guide tell us to copy the alexa skill id and insert into the index.js witch is in the MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill

    After that you have to rezip those files in the src folder in the module: MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill just like before and upload it to lambda function.

    BUT before you rezip you have to edit /src/MirrorMirror.js (inside the

    and paste your hostid: witch you will fet from the:

    when thats done rezip it again and upload to lambda.

  • this part here I dont get:

    MirrorMirror.js in this folder, and again, replace the keyPath, certPath, and caPath to your own.

    keyPath: __dirname + “/certs/MagicMirror.private.key”,
    certPath: __dirname + “/certs/MagicMirror.cert.pem”,
    caPath: __dirname + “/certs/root-CA.crt”,

    should we delete the __dirname + and then enter our path?

  • I do’not think so …as long your exact copy of cert, private key and CA certificate files are with those exact names…meaning MagicMirror and you have them saved in that actual working directory where that file MagicMirror.js is than it ads those files automatically.
    other than that the MagicMirror.js will through an error for the “___dirname+” part.

    I think…or wait on a second note… if you remove the anything after the keyPath: (and the other 2) and hard code the actual path to the files should work as well and will be a safer bet actually, so do that

  • Ok so i was reading your steps and i basically did exactly the same thing and followed @joanaz instruction but with one exception!!! … are you absolutely sure that “node_modules” folder gets created by “npm install” inside the “src” folder on the “MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill” ??? …OR… did “node_modules” get created when you run “” on the IoT procedure and than copy that over to the “src” folder???

    Do we only copy the 4 certificate files from the IoT part only or everything in that folder over to the “src” ???


  • @OceanK Ok major major development on my end i got it to work …sort of LOL 🙂 …meaning when i am on Magic Mirror and its doing its thing displaying the modules i can call Alexa ask her to start “on the wall” the mirror replies back with How can i Help you my Queen but when i ask to display a text or anything it says there was a problem with your skills response. Why is that???


  • @richland007 Thais is EXACTLY! where I am 🙂

    I have to check this in the weekend from scratch!

    I think there is something wrong with the lamda.

    displaying what modules? sounds like you have come further than me?

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