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UK Mirror photobooth issues

  • Hey,

    I’m building a mirror photobooth as I can’t afford the prices of pre-built models and I already have equipment from an old non-mirror booth that I had made.

    I’m struggling with the glass aspect. Here are my current issues:

    • Need good transparency to allow for good quality photos
    • Need a strong glass to avoid cracks and shattering when transporting in it’s case
    • Need a solution that I could have shipped to the UK
    • It would need to be relatively cheap, as the cheapest option I’ve found was around £800

    My dimensions are quite big unlike many smart mirrors here. I’m working with a 65" IR touch frame and building around that, so I’d be looking at around 1420x800mm sized mirror.

    I’ve tried to have a look around and I can’t seem to find many helpful resources with regards to this matter.

    Massive thanks to any help.

  • I’ve only just started the physical build for my mirror so just getting around to this stage (although not on your scale!).

    If this is going to used by members of the public, then perhaps acrylic may be best? I’m thinking for safety and also weight reduction. If the build is going to be moved around or transported, the glass option will be seriously heavy (and fragile) at that size.

    I’m a part time picture framer and work with glass sheets slightly larger than what you’ve specified and they’re seriously fragile at that size - bend and flex a surprising amount, quite scary. The weight is also quite surprising.

  • Maybe contact the guy from here (Goldjunge_Chriz). In his post it says the max size is 120x80cm to ship to the UK. Maybe you can ask him if he can make an exception.
    It’s not cheap (way too expensive for my taste) but the results look spectacular. Additional to that it is thin and therefore light.

    Maybe he’s able to ship to the UK if you pay extra. Should be still below 500€ altogether.

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