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Two way community order for all european countries - Open until 24 march 2019

  • Hi if you want you could send it by pm.
    You can be sure I will not contact him as it would anyway be both impossible and impractical for me to buy it in Germany.
    On the other hand it can help me understanding what I am buying to know manufacturer and product Number.
    I am assuming that the reseller is … A reseller … and is not a producer.
    If that is the case I suppose he is buying from one of the bigs (st gobain etc…).
    Otherwise also phisycal characteristics could be useful .
    I understand you work in this domain so you know better then me what is significant (refraction rate, reflection rate , transmittance…).
    If this info is in the past threads … Let me know and I will patiently sift through.

    Once again thanks for your effort and time.
    Kind regards

  • @dvbit

    It is a small glaziery that only produces for a handful of companies. Since the spy mirrors are an absolute by-product of the manufacturer, there is no data sheet because the extensive tests for the preparation of such a data sheet are very very expensive. Since the manufacturer produces only a few spy mirrors per year, the investment in such a data sheet is not profitable for him.

    The light transmission is as already written about 24%. It is a special combination of spy mirror and sun protection glass, which makes the mirror so special. In addition, the mirror is only 3 mm thick and by that an exceptionally low weight (7.5kg / m2). Other mirrors in the market are thicker and therefore heavier.

    So far, I have only received positive feedback on the mirror for use in the Magicmirror project. I think the real successful and satisfactory application of users here says much more than data from any data sheet 🙂

  • Hello

    Thank you for your offer.
    May I ask you how much would be the sending cost to Switzerland (for a 50cmx70cml?

  • @tcc

    the shipping costs are as in all other European countries outside Germany 79 euros 🙂

  • @goldjunge_chriz
    Thank you for your answer. I will maybe post an order in the upcoming weeks, just have to convince my wife that we need a second screen 🙂

  • Hello,

    Do you require a minimum size ? i need 0.31m2 is it ok? i am in south of France.


  • @adrien said in Brand new two way community order for all european countries - Open until 18 november 2018:


    Do you require a minimum size ? i need 0.31m2 is it ok? i am in south of France.


    There is a minimum calculation area of ​​0,4 m2. Of course you can order 0,31m2 but you have to pay for 0,4 m2

  • now there is less than 1 month left 😉 4 weeks to go

  • Hello, I would like to order a two way mirror with 145x90xcm or in alternative 124x73cm.
    Please inform on the cost of each alternative.
    Shipment to Portugal.
    Thank you

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