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how to make magic mirror like him that can interact and stuff?can someone teach me?im new to this...please help

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  • Well first off this is a Smart mirror, but not based on MM2. This is why it is probably hard to get the same result (no judgement which way is “better”). However some parts should be quite easy to realise in MM2 aswell:

    1. for the touch you could for example use a IR Frame --> make sure you take a glas mirror and no acrylic because acrylic can scratch a lot easier which might be bad when using touch (at least from what I have heard)

    2. The “pages” (first page with the clock ect and second page with the apps) you can realise using Pages to show/hide modules together with a page indicator in the bottom

    3. on the first page clock, weather and a basic music player there are several MM modules already you can choose one you like.

    volume control stuff, keyboard and the single apps do not really exist in this way yet as far as I know. So you would need to create those yourself. However there are already a couple of modules that do parts of the stuff for example modules to show photos or IR frame could be used for the online stuff you want to show.
    Hope I could give you a small explanation on whats possible “out of the box” and what ou would need to implement yourself. Guess with tips on how to implement those features someone else can help you more since I am not that experienced with javascript and CSS I usually use C++ and Qt when I need some GUI stuff 😅

  • @maxbachmann thanks…man…i really appreciate it…
    for creating those…i dont know how …i have read the module development but i dont understand it…can you teach me?

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