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Google Assistant Shopping List display

  • Hey all,

    So I made my magic mirror some time ago, and am really happy with it. I recently got a Google Home and am thinking of using the Shopping List functionality on the mirror. As in, I tell the Google Home device to add stuff to my shopping list, and it then gets displayed on my mirror. I’ve done a search on the forums here for Assistant related stuff, but it seems more a case of modules for adding the Assistant to the mirror itself, rather than just displaying info from a list I’ve generated from the Google Home device. I don’t have a mic on the mirror and am not interested in confusing the mirror and Home devices as they sit close to each other.

    Afraid I’m not a programmer, which is why I’m struggling here. There seems to be some Todoist (never used it before) modules, as well as Wunderlist (also never used before), but I was hoping to go with the Google home shopping list. If it turns out this is wishful thinking, or more hassle than trying out these other shopping list options, I’ll certainly give them a go. Just need advice.

    Have previously tried a Trello module but it barely ever updated and was really, really slow, so eventually I just dropped it.

    Open to suggestions and would really appreciate the help!


  • MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall is a module for using Alexa with MagicMirror. It allows you to hide and show stuff. You generally have Alexa running (wether with normal Alexa or Alexa Pi is not important) and then the Magic Mirror module just calls the API to receive the intent of what you said.
    So you can absolutely use it with you normal Alexa. I would just take the MirrorOn TheWall module (might be interesting on it’s own with hiding showing modules and stuff already), so you see how the API with your key gets called and the intents receivedv and just replace the reaction of it by the code for showing you shopping list (you can for example take a big part of it from a shopping list module that has a design you like ;)).
    So it should be a fairly easy thing to do. I am personally not using any cloud based voice recognitions for the privacy issue, but doing something similar with a offline speech recognition is definetly on my toDo for this or next week ^^

  • Module Developer

    @sforsyth As I know, Google has not opened shopping list API yet. So at this moment, it couldn’t.
    But I’ve found some monkey-patch trick for crawling Google shopping list site. Maybe I can use that for building module. but not guaranteed. 🙂

  • @Sean I am totally not in the amazon world so I can’t test the stuff, but it seems you can get the items (at least amazon says so

    thats a example on how to retrieve the list and add/delete items

  • Set Up Permissions
    In order for your skill to have read or write access to customers’ Alexa lists, it must have the appropriate permissions which you can set up in the developer console. Request Lists Read or Lists Write permissions in your skill only when they are required to support the features and services provided by your skill.
    Edit your skill in the developer console.
    Navigate to the Build > Permissions page.
    Select the Lists Read or Lists Write check boxes, or both, depending on the requirements of your skill.

    So you need to ask the for permission for you skill. Although thats still a workaround over a second skill and you can’t directly access them I guess

  • Module Developer

    @maxbachmann Frankly I don’t know anything about Alexa and its things :{ Sorry.

  • Module Developer

    I’ve made this; But not fully tested. Could you test this for me?

  • @Sean same about me just guessing ^^ Never used any cloud based voice solution (always using snips)
    Still need to post my MagicMirror stuff with snips when I get time and a camera to make a good video on it

  • That’s great guys!

    @maxbachmann I actually don’t have Alexa, I’ve only got a Google Home device, so that’s why I was hoping for a Google Shopping List module rather than anything with Alexa. Thanks though!

    @Sean This is awesome! I’ll try to give this a go tonight when I get home. Thanks a million!

  • ups lol being able to read a text would give me a clear advantage 😅
    The word google was just to often in the text for me to realise

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