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My Mirror (50x70cm)

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you everybody which contribute to the MM projects, it’s great and it works almost out of the box.

    After weeks of work (most of the time waiting for the glass) here is my “final result” (still have to build a case for the IR sensor)

    Most of the modules on the screen are custom made (In face just frames or Json from a personal page to load the meteo from the most accurate here, Geneva, Switzerland, which doesn’t provide API, so I parse their website, load it in my database and after render it on Flask/Python)

    The screen is a BenQ 24", the frame come from a local DIY store and the glass is an acrylic one.

    I’ve build the frame and glue it all.

    I have some small scratches on the acrylic glass, any idea on how to get them off?
    0_1535616282701_IMG_20180830_095105_1.jpg 0_1535616280127_IMG_20180830_095054.jpg

  • looking good

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