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Touch foil question

  • I’m trying to build my first magic mirror, and I’m trying to figure out the touch aspect… I thought that a touch foil would work, but the maufacturer just told me it wouldn’t… not behind a two way mirror? (I’m planning to use acrylic two way mirror) IR touch won’t work because my screen isn’t the same size as my mirror.
    Any suggestions? I’m not seeing any resistive foils big enough?
    Thanks for the help!

  • Module Developer

    How about just remove your mirror? Do you really want to leave your fingerprint on the mirror surface?

  • I need the mirror, I’m actually building a magic mirror photobooth, so the camera as well as the monitor will be behind the mirror. Not to concerned about fingerprints, will just clean it before each event

  • Module Developer

    Ok. I can find upto 80" touch foils. Is it still small? (
    Anyway, I guess you need just a simple interface for taking pictures, like just simple single touch (do you need more complex controll?) I think you don’t need to cover whole surface with foil. How about make smaller “touch zone”?
    Or you can use other interfaces like a small remote controller or ultrasonic-gesture sensor or touchpanel on frame (not mirror itself) or even some h/w buttons.

  • I was planing to use a 43" monitor, I’ve found (and ordered) a 43" capacitive touch foil, my actual mirror will be 24"x58" , however the manufacturer is telling me that the foil won’t work through the mirrored glass.
    Thanks for your replies! Trying to do my best not to spend a bunch of $$ on something that won’t work.
    Touch panel on the frame I don’t think would work because the frame is bigger than the monitor… Im assuming these need to be the same size in order to work properly?

  • Module Developer

    @trich1 Yes, any touch system under the mirror doesn’t exist currently. (maybe I’m wrong).
    I meant “touch panel” was like these;




    You can use these as trigger of taking picture. Do you need more complex controlling?

  • Interesting… haven’t seen that type before, I;ll have to check it out
    On a different note, do you know if I were to get an ir touch frame that was say 55 or 60" so I can hide it behind the mirror frame, can it be calibrated for a smaller screen size so it works with my 43" monitor in the middle? Does that make sense?

  • Module Developer

    I think IR doesn’t work behind the mirror glass. someone said already IR sensors were not working under the mirror.
    I think the possible way could be, Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen system, It could be installed over the normal mirror or glass (if you find proper sized system).

    Edit) You meant not IR behind the mirror. Side of Frame could be possible, but I haven’t experienced. 🙂

  • @trich1
    yes side of the frame works. just needs to be possible to move the finger into the Infrared light grid it creates 😉
    However when you really want a photobooth with basically only the feature make a photo a small gesture sensor or a distance sensor (depending on how you want to trigger) would be a lot cheaper since touch foils are damn expensive in that size (never used one with a mirror but some producers state that some touch foils work with their mirror). And even a IR Frame will probably cost at least around 100$ I guess. Although I am no big fan of the touch + mirror combo anyways because you have fingerprints all over the mirror ^^ which you do not have with gesture control (maybe voice control would be cool aswell 🙂 )
    Well but back to your question I never used a IR Frame so far but in general mapping should be quite possible. But you need to check what options are out there for your distro. It appears to be pretty common that you need to map for example with multiple monitors since linux often sees them as one so mapping needs to be done here aswell.
    Just search for touchscreen calibration and you should find explanations

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