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Nest Thermostat & Protect

  • Is there somebody who can/will make a module for these products?

    So we can see the temperature etc. on our MagicMirror

  • I will 2nd this one, I would love to be able to see my inside temp, and maybe some thermostat settings, or alert if there is smoke.

  • Module Developer

    I just took a wack at making a Nest Module. It works, but it’s a pain to set up. Nest has you walk through a bunch of hoops to get an account so you can get a token for your nest. I made a simple script that walks you through it in the root folder. The Module is very basic right now. It just displays your current temp, requested temp, and humidity. I will try to change it in a little bit to make it look like the Nest (Have a blue background around your Temp to indicate it’s cooling, etc…). If you want to take a hand at making it look better, please go right ahead.

    I am using the REST format to get all the data. If someone knows how to use firebase, that’s what Nest prefers you use to get all the info.

  • @mochman i will look in it asap, i’m really busy atm.

  • @mochman Works like a charm! The only thing I would like to see is the fan icon if the fan is running without the AC or Heat on.

  • Module Developer

    @Sachin Sure. I’m in the middle of a move right now, but once I get settled in I take a look at it. It should be pretty straightforward.

  • @mochman Awesome, thank you!

  • Nice job @mochman i was working on it as well before i saw yours just on time.
    Maybe it is better to put the Nest API pin code on the config file and let the module get the auth code from the API.

    This because the auth code has a expire date so you will replace it every year and it makes it easyer to install.
    If you need some help… maybe i can help you with it.

  • So I got around to setting this up today, got my product ID, the secret, and even the PIN code. Put it into the and it spit out my token. I added it into my config.js and I see the little circle on my mirror, but the temp is different then what the nest shows. I’m also guessing that the % at the bottom is the inside humidity which also is not what the thermostat shows.

    Any ideas?

  • Module Developer

    Can you take a screenshot of what it is showing you and what it should be showing?

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