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MMM-MinecraftStatus out in Beta!

  • Description

    I’d like to announce the Beta release of MMM-MinecraftStatus module!

    This module watches a remote Minecraft server and reports back on the number of logged-in players and latency to the server. If the server is unreachable or down, it displays an alert.

    For fun, it will play a notification sound if the number of players changes from 0 to a positive number, and plays a different alert sound if the server is unreachable.

    It’s in Beta now, so please give it a try: instructions at the link above. Let me know what doesn’t work, or other features you’d like, and PLEASE tell me if it works! I need to confirm a few people are happy to call it production-ready. Thanks!
    Created initially for a Minecraft server I run for my daughter and her friends. When the alert sound plays telling us someone is on the server, it’s great to see the light in my daughter’s eyes as she runs for the computer to join her friend online.


    alt text
    alt text


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