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"Embrace" mirror touchscreen - How'd they do it?

  • How does Embrace make their touchscreen work?

    FAQs say they use a 10-point capacitive touchscreen. Most two-way glass mirrors have metalized coatings that make using capacitive touch impossible.

    Are they using a non-conductive or Bragg glass or dielectric or non-metal glass coating or film?

    It’s not an infrared bar (no bezel).
    It’s not a 3d hand tracking camera.
    It doesn’t seem to be a surface-mount film (looks like glass to me).

    Looking for answers.

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    Best guess is that the glass is custom made, probably layered with thin layers of first the mirror coating at the back, then glass, then the capacitive mesh and then more glass on top. It would require the capacative mesh/grid to disregard any background noise from the mirror coating. But that is probably not an issue if the hardware and software of the touchpanel is custom ordered with those conditions.

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