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Needing help - MagicMirror sometimes working

  • Hi there,

    i took my 1-year-old MagicMirror and switched from a Raspberry Pi 3B to a 3B+. I flashed the newest Raspbian Stretch to my SD card and installed MagicMirror 2.41 without any problems.

    After installing a couple of modules, I added a python script to crontab for fan controlling in cases of a system temperature over 58 degrees.

    I set up the PIR-sensor for switching on/off the monitor behind the mirror using MMM-Display-Controller - it is not a module.

    All this hardware and software was working in my old MagicMirror-Setup. The difference from the old to the new MagicMirror is the MagicMirror Version 2.41, Raspberry 3B+ and the fan python script.

    The new setup was working fine, too, including the PIR-sensor. But, after running fine for 1-2 boot sequences, it all comes to the same:

    • the system boots up into MagicMirror and shows all the working modules. If no one is in front of the mirror, the monitor switches off. If the motion sensor detects a person, a blank screen is coming up, without any modules
    • or, the monitor shows half of the modules at various places
    • or, the monitor shows all the working modules, but the screen freezes (clock is not counting time etc)

    Sometimes, the system is answering via SSH - sometimes, it answers after a couple of minutes.

    I am very dissapointed - put a lot of work into this mirror…

    Could someone help ?
    Why is the new installed system freezing or showing a blank screen after all was working fine ? Are there any known problems with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ ? Is there a log I can post ?

    Thanks in advance…


  • Anyone?

    Monitor is freezing or switching on/off all the time…

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