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Radar Sensor (based von MMM-PIR by PaViRo)

  • Hello everybody,

    I used the PIR Module from @paviro to turn on my screen only when a movement is noticed.
    Because I wanted to get rid of the sensor bulb, I want to switch to a radar sensor. I still use the PIR-Modul, which works very well.

    I ordered and tested different sensors. Two of them are my favorites:
    1.) HFS-DC06: the best on this sensor is, that you can adjust them very easily. But I noticed a very long delay until it recognizes a movement. Maybe it is my fault, when you are confident to this sensor and can say something to it, feel free

    2.) the second favorite is a HW-MS03. Unfortunately you can’t adjust them (only when you can solder SMDs…)
    But this sensor is very very fast.

    and here is my request, because I can’t use Javascript:

    When the HW-MS03 recognizes a movement the screen turns on. As soon as the HW-MS03 doesn’t recognizes a movement anymore the screen immediately turns off. Because of this sensitivity, the screen goes on off on off very quick which is not good for the screen.

    Can someone edit the module for me: When the HW-MS03 recognizes a movement, the screen should tun on and should stay on for a certain time (e.g. 20 seconds, maybe this can be variable?), no matter what the sensor recognizes, when the sensor still recognizes a movement after this time, the time starts again, and so on until the sensor doesn’t recognizes a movement.

    I hope you can help me.
    Thanks so much!!

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