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Electron downgrade, iframe webcam streams gone

  • Hi,

    I had cpu problems (90%->) and decided to try electron downgrade from the latest to 1.4.15. Everything went quite okay, though had to wait node.js line couple of minutes. Then sudo reboteed and everything feels really fast comparing to previous situation.
    Now I’m running mm but I’m missing my webcam feeds for some reason. I’m using MMM-iFrameReload module and it shows content from actiontiles except webcam streams. So all the actiontiles buttons and sensors are shown in Iframe but not webcam streams. If I open chromium and paste actiontiles url -> webcam feeds works normally. Any ideas what happened in electron downgrade that caused Iframe to stop showing webcam stream?

    EDIT: tried MMM-Iframe, MMM-IframeReload, MMM-iframePing. Every module does the same. Webcam feeds are not showing in MagicMirror. After electron downgrade and reboot I remember iframe asked credentials to actiontiles url. I logged in and my actiontiles view opened but without webcams. Is there dependencies between electron and modules that I should know about?
    I installed IframeReload module again and those other two i made fresh install but that didn’t help.

  • Module Developer

    do you have some logs.
    Go into terminal of your MM (RPI) an type pm2 logs and post it here.


  • @axled

    Didn’t want to wait so decided to do clean install to raspberry and mm. That fixed it. Don’t know what was the reason.

  • @janip Did you activate the Open GL driver? Otherwise electron possibly leads to the described “overheating”.

  • No I didn’t. I wasn’t even aware of that.

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