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Home Info Board

  • I found this guys info board and I really like it, I was going to make some family members a mirror, but I think this info board would be perfect for a few of them. Unfortunitly he was asking you to email him and didnt post any helpful code:) I really just need to understand how to get the 3 perfect columns? If someone could point me in a good direction I would really appreciate it!!

  • Module Developer

    I think he use some kind of CSS trick. Just adjust width of each region.

  • Sorry, board works so well I haven’t touched for over a year. Didn’t realize that people were still interested.

    I edited my post with my mess of a custom CSS, but yes I just force the width of the columns.

    In the custom CSS if you add width: 550px; to one item for each column it will force it to that width and draw the line the full width. 550px seems to work well with 1920 width and the default pad / margins.

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