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Combine time-of-day and current weather compliments?

  • The Wiki mentions:

    If use the currentweather is possible use a actual weather for set compliments.

    However, it’s not clear to me if we can combine the time-of-day with the current weather compliments. So for example:

            "anytime" : [
                "Hi, sexy!"
            "morning" : [
                "Have a good day!"
            "afternoon" : [
                "Almost dinnertime!"
            "evening" : [
                "You rock!"
            "day_sunny" : [
                "It's gonna be a sunny day!"
            "rain" : [
                "Bring an umbrella today!!"
            "night_clear" : [
                "Good night for stargazing!"
            "cloudy" : [
                "Cloudy today... hmmm..."

    Currently it’s cloudy so I’d expect to see “Cloudy today… hmmm…”. But all I see is compliments from the time-of-day. Are these two types mutually exclusive or am I doing something wrong?

  • Hmm, nevermind… I created a debug.json to figure out which values are currently actually used and it turns out it’s cloudy_windy… not cloudy. My bad.

    So to debug this yourself, just point the remoteFile to this link or add this to your compliments config:

        "anytime" : ["anytime"],
        "morning" : ["morning"],
        "afternoon" : ["afternoon"],
        "evening" : ["evening"],
        "day_sunny" : ["day_sunny"],
        "day_cloudy" : ["day_cloudy"],
        "cloudy" : ["cloudy"],
        "cloudy_windy" : ["cloudy_windy"],
        "showers" : ["showers"],
        "rain" : ["rain"],
        "thunderstorm" : ["thunderstorm"],
        "snow" : ["snow"],
        "fog" : ["fog"],
        "night_clear" : ["night_clear"],
        "night_cloudy" : ["night_cloudy"],
        "night_showers" : ["night_showers"],
        "night_rain" : ["night_rain"],
        "night_thunderstorm" : ["night_thunderstorm"],
        "night_snow" : ["night_snow"],
        "night_alt_cloudy_windy" : ["night_alt_cloudy_windy"]