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Sensible UK sources for magic mirror glass?

  • Hey guys

    Just started messing with a pi3 and 23" ultra slim AOC monitor to make a decent size magic mirror, but where are any of you guys in the UK buying suitable mirror glass? All the sites I’ve looked at so far have been very expensive, so I don’t know if that’s just how it is, or if there’s somewhere particularly good value for this?

    Would prefer glass to acrylic, but might have to go with acrylic if it’s all too costly.



    This is where I purchased my 50/50 Pilkington.

  • Thanks Damian - that is actually one of the ones I’d already seen as it turns out, but I was surprised by the price as it’s a whisker under a hundred quid to get one 45cm x70cm which isn’t exactly enormous.

    Maybe it’s just the case that the 2 way mirror process they add is very costly, as it’d be about a 10th of that cost to just get a piece of glass cut that size.

    Bit of a bugger though as I wasn’t expecting to pay nearly a hundred quid just for a pane of mirror glass. 😞

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