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Show iCloud Reminders

  • Hi guys, I’ve been trying to display my iCloud reminders on the mirror but I haven’t been able to find anything, only a todoist or Trello. Do anyone know if there is a module already built for this?

  • Module Developer

    As I know, To develop apple-things, a developer should be registered as paid-program participant. Even worse, these things will not be released officially in Apple environments, thus these things will be remained as development stage. It means For just using these things, you should be registered also as a paid-developer.
    That is why there is no apple-things in MM environments.

  • OH! I didn’t know that, 😞 I thought since I was able to link my iCloud calendar (having a public calendar of course) it would be possible to do something similar to my reminders… bad news I guess 😞

    Thank you very much for letting me know…

  • Module Developer

    I’ve only looked at this a couple of time, but if you wanted to spend some time on getting a module running, it’s possible that this could be a jumping off point.

  • Hi all.

    Just want to recall that old topic, which still actual for some of us 🙂
    So, I made iCloud sync with calendar and birthdays (the second point was a little bit tricky, but it works now).
    But, the last stone still without any movement - iCloud reminders:

    • tried to do that with vdirsyncer: as result, I got an empty file without any reminder (tried many different setup)
    • tried to search for any other suitable ways: different scripts, etc. Nope.

    Maybe Is there any options to do it now?

    Thanks in advance.

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