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Station not found, even if iserted by id

  • Re: MMM-SwissStationboard


    Tried to insert “Kirchberg-Alchenflüh” as a station, but even if I insert the station id which is “8508084” no data is shown. It always says “Loading trains”. If I put the next station which is “Aefligen” or the id which is “8508085” everything works and the data is shown.

    Thanks for any help!

    module: ‘MMM-SwissStationboard’,
    position: ‘bottom_left’,
    header: ‘Zugsverbindungen ab Kirchberg-Alchenflueh’,
    config: {
    stop: ‘8508084’, // Start train station
    maximumEntries: 4, // Max departures displayed
    minWalkingTime: 10, // Minimum time to get to the station
    hideNotReachable: 0, //Will hide all the not reachable connections

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