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MM2.5 slow to PM2 start after changing pi password

  • I’ve been working on my MM2.5 for a couple weeks getting it just the way I want it and was all done when I decided I’d better change the default pi password. I did so and, now, it takes about 3 minutes after a reboot for the MM2.5 screen to appear. I’ve searched high and low for a solution without success. Can anyone point me in the right direction??? I’m using a RPi 3 A+ headless. I use Notepad++ to edit MM2.5 files and then issue a “sudo reboot” via Putty to assess the changes. The reboot gets back to the GUI fairly quickly (normal time), but stays there for a couple minutes before MM2.5 starts up using pm2. Can anyone point me to a solution??? Thanks!

  • Looks like I should have looked closer to home than all over the web! I watched more closely at the boot-up procedure of my RPi and noticed a FAILED step involving dhcpcd. I looked that up on the web and found that newer distros don’t want you to edit the file /etc/network/interfaces. See this link for more information:

    I followed the directions there and then went back to follow the directions for properly (and easily) setting up my wifi. Once I did all that the dhcpcd error was gone and my MM2.5 reboot issues were resolved.

    Case closed.

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