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MMM-metoffice-datapoint A module to pull UK MetOffice 3 hourly forecasts

  • Description:

    This is a weather module that used the MetOffice Datapoint as its data-source for 3 hourly forecasts.
    Very much a first release, I’ve squished some bugs, and it works for me, but I’m sure there’s more in there.


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    Version 0.1-initial

    My first attempt at a module, comments welcome.
    Documentation is on GitHub
    screenshots are a teeny bit different from the release, but not much.

  • I am having trouble in getting this to work fully. Please can you help regarding the siteName or siteId issues I am having regarding this place:

    I have used Swindon in the siteName as well as even trying out the siteId of gcntr93j0, if that is even the correct siteId.

    I have applied for an API weeks ago and have put this in place too. I just get either the ‘Loading…’ message or ‘Loading… Looking up SiteId for Swindon’

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

    Many thanks

  • Sorry, my MM has been turned off for a few months, I’ve just turned it back on today.
    I’ll see if the code in git is upto date and push it if not.

    Once I’ve done that we can try to work out what’s up with it.

    Right, I’ve pushed the latest code.
    I see that Swindon is on the list of sites, so hopefully it should work,
    If not, looking at… in my browser shows swindon as
    So the site id should be 310150

    the region lookup from
    so the regionId should be 513

  • Ive tried to install this onto my project however I am not able to load the module up. The error is located to API key.

    module: “MMM-metoffice-datapoint”, // Weather app.
    position: “right”,
    config: {
    apikey: “<<>>”,
    sitename: “Ashford (Kent)”,

    can you help?

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