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MMM-Buttons keine Reaktion?

  • Hello,
    is there a log where i can see if something happens when the button press.
    Have MMM buttons run on the Raspi and a pushbutton on Ground and pin 11 (gpio17) plugged.
    Nothing reacts when I push? Do i still have to adjust something?

    wo gibts denn ein log wo mann schauen kann ob sich was regt beim button drücken.
    Habe MMM-Buttons am laufen und am Raspi ein Pushbutton auf Ground und Pin 11 (gpio17) gesteckt.
    Nix reagiert? Muss ich noch was anderes einstellen oder einschalten?

    MMM-PageSelect läuft auch damit ich mehrere Seiten habe.
    buttons: [
                    pin: 11, //The pin that connects your first button
                    name: "Hauptseite", //Or whatever you really want
                    longPress: { //longPress or shortPress doesnt matter. Really it's just the stuff on the inside that matters.
                        notification: "PAGE_SELECT",
                        payload: "haupt" //Or whatever page you want
    shortPress: {
                        notification: "PAGE_SELECT",
                        payload: "zweite" //Or whatever page you want


  • with a and this code:

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    import time
    GPIO.setwarnings(False) # Ignore warning for now
    GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) # Use physical pin numbering
    GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_DOWN)
    tries = 0
    while (tries < 200):
        if GPIO.input(11):
            print("11 Open")
            print ("Close")
        tries = tries + 1
    #GPIO.cleanup()           # clean up GPIO on normal exit

    With this code I can see that the button works and triggers.
    But in magicmirror pm2 log mm it shows no reaction!
    Do i have to adjust something else?
    Thanks and a happy new year 2019

  • OK it was the pin!
    The correct PIN number is really impossible 😉

    But it is very confusing with pin BCM and BOARD
    So the BOARD PIN is correct.

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