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MMM-solar showing "Loading" and is doing nothing .... did someone get it running?

  • I’m having trouble to get the module “MMM-Solar” to work as it should.
    There are only 3 things needed to configure the module and I have all 3 of them in the config.js file. The API-key, my userID and my systemID.
    But on running the MM2 the module only displays “Loading…”.
    I feel like I’m missing a step! I feel like I need to connect my Enphase system to my API-account. But I have no idea how or even if that is needed.

    Is there someone who got this module to work and wants to help me?
    Or is there a way to get in touch with the module creator so I can ask him what I’m doing wrong?

  • restart the mirror with
    npm start dev
    to open the developers console, then select the console tab,

    are there any errors shown?

  • @sdetweil … WOW! 😨 😨 😨
    Didn’t know about this! Looks nice!
    But back to the problem…in the console tab I can see some errors but not about the Solar module. There are 2 warnings that the Solar module got a notification from another module but don’t think that’s a problem.
    I can see 3 errors for the modules: MMM-Buienradar, weatherforcast (openweathermap is unauthorized yet it works fine) and for my crypto coins chart (it can’t find cryptocoin picture/logo’s in a specific folder).
    So the Solar-module should work fine looking at this.

  • ok, can u find the console window where you did npm start dev, and see if there are errors reported there? alt-tab, should bring up a list of windows, so you can select the right console window

  • @sdetweil
    I’m not seeing any errors but I see something strange…
    Down at the bottomit says:
    Sockets connected & moduls started …
    Launching application.
    Then a bit futher down a line reads:
    Notification: GET_SOLAR Payload: [object object]

    Looks like it’s missing data that it needs to find somewere. Am I right?

  • @mwel1977 thats just bad logging

    edit the node_helper.js file in the MMM-Solar folder, at the end

    after this

    if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
    					var jsonData = JSON.parse(body);
    				        self.sendSocketNotification("SOLAR_DATA", jsonData);

    add this

    					console.log("api request error ="+ JSON.stringify(error));
    					console.log("api response code error ="+ response.statusCode);

    i get this

    Notification: GET_SOLAR Payload: [object Object]
    api response code error =401

    401 is authentication failed

  • I submitted that code to the MMM-Solar author for the future

  • Project Sponsor

    @sdetweil - Just FYI for everyone: 401 is an Unauthorized Request error message. For some reason, your combination of API key, userID and systemID are not working.

  • @bhepler I know. I don’t have a key. So it should fail. I was just giving an example of the improved error reporting to help out

  • @sdetweil I’ll try it tonight.
    Been busy last couple of days (sadly not with my MM2).
    But I think it has something to do with the API not being able to connect to my solarpanel system. Like I mentionent before.

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