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ASUS VE248H Monitor modifications to also power a RPi 3b

  • Hi Guys.

    I’ve been tying to get a Magic Mirror to fit in an old Mirror frame. I’ve managed to fit everything except for a power supply for the RPi … I completely forgot about that and didn’t think it would be the thickest device (but it is). I only have about 2cm of space between the mirror and the back of the frame.

    I really want to be able to use the incoming power so that I only have one cable powering the whole mirror.

    Has anyone been able to get a good 5V off of the ASUS Monitor power supply board (4H.1AB02.A12) … I’ve poked around with my multimeter and haven’t found anything I can use … Can’t find any documentation online.

    I think I may have to buck up and just make the power stick out or make the whole thing thicker …



  • In the first picture what does the multi-meter show when you measure black (should be ground) against the red wires on the on the right hand connector? Can you also tell me the what LCD panel it is exactly? best to make pictures of the stickers in the back. I’d look for the datasheet to see whether or not it is running on 5V. If so there should be a 5V rail you could harvest. Otherwise I’d think there would be at least a 12V rail somewhere. You could use that with a buck converter to get down to 5V for the Pi.

  • Or maybe get a brick unit and strip it down, i’m using a 5volt 10Amp brick so no lighting symbols even though my pi 3b+ is clocked to 1450 and powers the SSD that it boots from. Just a thought then you could join the two high voltage mains together so its just one cable? only a thought

  • The product i used and cut and soldered an original Pi power supply as it didn’t give me enough amps even though it was 2.5 amps

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