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MMM-YrThen - stuck on loading

  • Hello. A newbie on these forums.

    I had YrNow up and running, but eventually I found one that resembles more what I’d like out of my weather service - YrThen. First problem came when I tried to git clone the repository. I’ll recreate the procedure to see if I did any mistakes.

    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

    Followed by

    git clone

    Then normally it’d clone and be done with it, but now it asks for a username and password for No matter what I type in it says repo not found or something along those lines. So I decided to download the zip file and add it to /MagicMirror/modules through the file folder and then edit the config.js to add;

    	module: 'MMM-YrThen',
    	position: 'top_right',
    	config: {
    		location: '1-2820936',

    But that ends up with an eternal “Loading…” showing up. The YrNow on the other hand loads fine.

    Anyone care to help a helpless soul?

  • Okay, weird. Seems restarting my RPI did the trick… Can the issue be loading both YrThen and YrNow at the same time? I blocked out the YrNow module before rebooting and now YrThen loaded fine. So I went into the config.js to enable the YrNow as well - but then that module is stuck in a loading loop.

  • @madmike Hi mate, I’ve been using both at the same time, no tricky tricks 🙂

  • Magically it fixed itself over night - apparently a 24 hour loading time for YrNow in combination with YrThen? 😝

  • @madmike Perhaps slow loading time due to heavy weather conditions in Norway atmo 😃

    No, seriously - it always loads immediately here, dunno what you’re doing “wrong”. After a restart of the mirror, is it loading at normal speed?

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