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screen background

  • hi.i use MMM-NOAA3 and MMM-WeatherBackground by @cowboysdude and in front of the nice wallpapers i have a grey/shadow thing that cover nearly all my screen and its even not allign well as you can see at my pic.I want to get rid of it .How can i do that?

  • Module Developer

    More info needed - what modules are you running?

    Is there any modules configured to “fullscreen_above” or “fullscreen_below”?

  • the only module that i had using targetDOM: “fullscreen.below”,was eouia 's MMM-WeatherBackground ,but i deleted it to use MMM-WeatherBackground by cowboysdude to use it with MMM-NOAA3.I deleted eouia 's MMM-WeatherBackground directory and config from my config.js and then installed MMM-WeatherBackground by cowboysdude.

  • Module Developer

    What’s your CSS look like to make the grey background, shouldn’t be anything more than this:

    .module {
    border-radius: 5px;

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