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MMM-CalendarExt2 not working with MMM-Carousel

  • Hi,

    I tried to use the CalendarExt2 with MMM-Carousel. But all modules specified in MMM-Carousel will be shown on one page and the change of pages is not possible (but the dots are shown). With MMM-CalendarExt it is working, I just changed to CalendarExt2 within the MMM-Carousel-Configuration, if I change back it is working.
    Has anybody faced the same problem?

    Best regards

  • Module Developer

    I made an urgent fix for that. If MMM-CalendarExt2 is not in main page of MMM-Carousel (or at start of MM), it couldn’t draw itself under hidden state. That might be the reason of your issue.

  • @Sean
    Thank you, now it works 🙂

  • @sean +1! Works great, thank you. Only issue I’ve noticed is some sort of race condition where if CalendarExt2 had started to refresh right when Carousel is changing slides, the CalendarExt2 is drawn out anyway. Not sure if this will be a “real” problem for me once I set the refresh intervals to something longer than used for testing, but I have noticed it.

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