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No upcoming events

  • The default calendar module does not display any upcoming events. The other default modules work fine and I was able to successfully install a few 3rd party modules.

    			module: "calendar",
    			header: "US Holidays",
    			position: "top_left",
    				calendars: [
    				 symbol: "calendar",
    				url: 'webcal://',

  • @sdetweil
    Okay, I found my mistake. 2-step access prevents access from less secure applications.

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    Can you be more specific? That calendar at the present time should display one event: MLk day at best. Lesser holiday are not displayed (April Fools Day, the Ides of March, etc.) and the major holidays are too far out at the present time.

    The upshot of all of this is that you need to ensure that the calendar you’re implementing actually has an upcoming event.

    Edited to add: MLK day does not qualify as a US holiday, despite the schools and local governments having the day off. So it’s no surprise that feed doesn’t show any events: it doesn’t think there is anything for the next month.

    This one might help. Try adding this to your calendar config:

  • I, too, have the same problem. The default calendar module just says, “No upcoming events.” I can’t get it to display anything else no matter what I put as the url. Several gmail urls didn’t work either.

    I tried to bhelper’s suggested url, and when mm started, it said “Loading” and then went to “No upcoming events.”

    Just like Tom9664, other modules work fine, but the default calendar doesn’t.

    Please help.

  • if you use the URL of the calendar with https:// in place of webcal:// in a browser, it should download the ICS file, which you can edit with a text editor.

    does it show upcoming events in the view range?

    the default is/was
    maximumEntries: 10, // Total Maximum Entries
    maximumNumberOfDays: 365,

    so, 10 entries within a year from now.

  • Thanks, Sdetweil. I gave up on the default calendar. But Google has its own US holidays calendar, and cutting and pasting that link worked. All’s good!!

  • @shelbyville ok… ‘default’ calendar and ‘google holidays’ are different things…

    ‘default calendar’ sounds like the module.

    if you were using your OWN calendar link, then it should be the PUBLIC ICS URL of your calendar…
    because the mirror application is NOT running as any email user, the calendar MUST be public so anything can download it.

  • @sdetweil, sorry for the confusion. I’ve never done anything like this before, so maybe I misspoke. What I did was, in the calendar module section of MagicMirror’s Config.js file, I just copied the calendarlabs section a few times and pasted in my own urls. I put my gmail’s public .ics url; the .ics url for the Google holidays calendar; as well as a school calendar’s public .ics url. They all seem to be playing nice together and show up as one list of events.

  • @shelbyville cool. If it’s working now, can u mark this issue solved?

  • I am currently having this issue as well. I have tried the above suggestions with no luck. Anyone still having this issue or may know how to help?

    All modules working except for calendar. Calendar is a public .ics. Have tried a clean reinstall of my pi and am stuck at the same point.

  • @ryanschaefer14 can u use the URL in your browser and get the ics file downloaded?

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