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[ITALY] Where to buy glass from/what kind of glass to get

  • Hi everyone, as the title suggests I’m from Italy and have no clue where to start looking for a good glass for my first magic mirror. I tried amazon, ebay, and leroy merlin but no luck. Any suggestions on where to buy them from or what kind of glass I should get?

  • @lorcalhost the fact is that you have to use a specific glass (also known as pyrolytic coated glass).

    Therefore contact Pilkington Italy and ask for the nearest glass shop that sells the MirroView glass.

    If your MagicMirror glass has not to be so big you can always ask them (Pilkington Italia) to send you a free sample of their MirroView glass (it’s about 25x30 cm if I remember properly…).

  • @lorcalhost This german shop also ships to Italy. The prices for the mirrors are pretty good. Shipping costs to Italy are:
    up to 2,000 kg: 14,50 €
    from 2,001 kg up to 10,000 kg: 24,50 €
    from 10,001 kg up to 20,000 kg: 29,50 €
    from 20,001 kg up to 31,500 kg: 40,00 €
    from 31,501 kg: 150,00 €

    The Pilkington MirroView might be the best option for a smart mirror. I currently have the Mirropane Chrome Spy with only 8% transmission which I will replace before summer with the MirroView (20% transmission and higher reflection).

  • Thank you so much for your help!

  • Did you end up buying the Pilkington MirroView from that german site? How is it?

  • @lorcalhost Are you interested in buying a smart mirror hardware kit? Customize the frame size you need And install the mirror control panel and so on. You just need to install the Raspberry Pi by yourself.