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4 or 6 mm two way mirror?

  • Hey guys,
    I’m planning my mirror right now. I’ve got some stuff to buy in my list already, but now I’m not sure how thick the two way mirror should be. Are there any major advantages of the 6mm glas? Or is the 4mm mirror thick enough?

    Thanks a lot

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    Pretty much depends,

    If you have a large mirror (over 100x100cm) i would argue for a thicker glass, the idea is that it’s more stable/rigid.
    otherwise I’d say 4mm due to weight.

    But the thickness doesn’t have any noticable impact on the reflection or light-transmission (the coating is only on one side anyways)

  • Thanks for your answer and opinion!

    I’m planning a 600 x1400 mm mirror for our hallway. Presumably it will get a subconstruction of aluminiumprofiles instead of wood. I think this could be stable enough for the 4mm thick mirror. Good to know that there aren’t any differences for the transmission in relation to the thickness.

    The mirror I’m planning to order has a transmission of 8%, is that a good or bad for a smartmirror?

    I’m really sorry for my dumb questions and my limited english skills, cause my school english had to be activated again.

  • Module Developer

    8% might be not so good in light place of day.(living room) but it could be acceptable in shade place of night.(bathroom)

  • Hmm, that’s not really the answer I wanted to hear 😃
    What would an acceptable transmission be for a lighter place?

    Sorry again, I’m a total newbie

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    For a well lit/daylight you want a light transmission of 30-40%.

    A normal lit room with no direct light from windows I would say 20%

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