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My first Mirror

  • Hello guys, now i want show u my mirror.
    i installed nearly in the whole wall i don’t like the mirror frame so bold. u can see it in the pictures.

    i installed:


    in the iframe i let show my smartphone devices like u can see with window states and heating and lights.

    of course im not really ready with it but u can always change something 🙂

    okay thats all. thanks on the community for some help.


    (sorry about my english :-))


  • @fischi87 Damn your mirror looks really sharp. which monitor and mirror did you use? and btw what is that white thing top left on top of the frame? I like the small wooden frame you used in this build! l’m Pretty curious which modules you are planning to add!

    Congratulations on making your own MagicMirror!

  • @ganget


    I use a 27" iiyama monitor like Micheal wrote down in the first magic mirror project.

    this is a xiaomi motion detector for the lights. this places is just because my roof is still not ready painted this is the reason why it have this places right now.

  • @fischi87 : Which module do you use to show the data of “Heizung”?

  • @zwirbel

    I use a iframe and let show my own “server” things from there. the name from the program witch run on my server is “iobroker” there u can connect every company devices together. it is really a awsome program.

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