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MMM-voice + MMM-Podcast

  • Hey guys,
    i finished the installation & configuration from MMM-voice and it works flawless.
    Now i want to combine the voice Recognition with the MMM-Podcast module for the “100 Sekunden Tagesschau”.
    So here is my problem, if i write the code for the module in the config (see below)

                            module: 'MMM-Podcast',
                            position: 'middle-center',
                            config: {
                                    // The defaults are perfect

    the mic from MMM-Voice is flashing any time and there stand “initialisation”.
    I am thankful for every help.

    Greets Hendrik

  • Module Developer

    Two tips:

    1. MMM-Podcast doesnt have or use a position tag, as omxplayer acts like an overlay, see readme (MMM-Podcast)
    2. MMM-Podcast isnt working anymore, because of a disabled yahoo engine (Issue)

    So i made a replacement module MMM-Podcast2


  • And MMM-Voice supports connected modules that get voice commands from MMM-Voice thru registered notifications

  • @AxLed
    Thats good to know. I am gonna try it in the next days

    The problem is im not a JS Developer the only and first time with JS was the mirror. But im gonna try it in the next days with the new module from @AxLed

    Thanks for the fast answer 😉


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