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    Re: [MMM-RadioDe] - Simple Web player

    I have installed MMM-RadioDe and it was playing fine but suddenly it just appears on the screen when 'i start MM but it doesn’t play the chosen station. These are the errors when I get I run npm start dev:

    vendor.js:9 pascalprecht.translate.$translateSanitization: No sanitization strategy has been configured. This can have serious security implications. See for details.
    vendor.js:9 Error: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
        at app.js:2
        at vendor.js:9
        at o (vendor.js:8)
        at vendor.js:8
    app.js:2 STATION 
    {continent: "Europa", country: "Griechenland", logo300x300: "", city: "Athen", stationType: "radio_station", …}

    Any suggestions?

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    Solved. Probably it was electron’s problem. I did a fresh install of raspbian and MM and it is working again.

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