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Voice enabled SmartMirror² - snips inside

  • I recently stumbled upon a nice Mini MagicMirror²

    It is built around a Pi Zero but the recently released Pi3 A+ is a better fit.

    Printing the enclosure is straightforward on a Prusa i3 MK3. There is something missing. Snips !

    I had a Google AIY Voice hat (gen 1) laying around which has been used for a Snips satellite.

    The voice hat fits nicely onto the Pi3 A+. It also has connectors for 5V and GND which is used for powering the screen

    The HDMI cable is built from a flat ribbon cable and two angled connectors.

    The mic board of the voice hat is attached to the top. The biggest challenge was to find a speaker that would fit into the enclosure. Finding a 4Ohm speaker small enough to fit in it not easy. The smaller ones are usually below 1 Watt.

    I didn’t know about a special type of speaker called exciter.

    The Dayton Audio DAEX19CT-4 Coin Type 19mm Vented Exciter 5W 4 Ohm is a nice fit.

    Last piece is a suitable two-way mirror. Forget about foil. The guy in the video bought pre-cut plastic/acrylic mirror but I did not find a good source. You can supposedly buy custom made ones here.

    From a recent MagicMirror project I learned to go for glass mirrors.

    There is company in Germany GlasStar that makes these according to the dimensions you need them in. I ordered 3 mirrors for a price of 89€ (inluces VAT and shipping). They sent me 4 mirrors. Same quality like the bigger one I ordered recently.

    Worked out perfectly.

    1_1550905492632_photo_2019-02-22_19-20-47.jpg 0_1550905492632_photo_2019-02-22_19-20-55.jpg

    Why would you need snips in a magic mirror ? Have a look at this video

    It simply makes sense to control your mirror with your voice rather then a touchscreen.

    What else is it used for ? It is used to check on the hot water temperature (eBUS-Vaillant) and the heating system.

    Another idea would be to leave out the speaker and print the text from snips onto the screen. That way the MagicMirror could be used as snips satellite without the need for a speaker.