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Cannot get WIFI icon only?

  • Re: Internet Monitor

    I’m really sorry… but I cannot work out how to just have the wifi signal? I couldnt see this “type” anywhere in the documentation?

    If i’m being really dumb… i hold my hands up…

    Here is my code:

    	    module: 'internet-monitor',
                position: 'top_center',
                header: 'Internet Monitor',
                    type: '',
                    maxTime: 20000,
                    updateInterval: 0,
                    verbose: false,
                    displayStrength: true,
                    displaySpeed: false,
                    strengthIconSize: 80,
                    maxGaugeScale: 100,
                        size: 50,
                        fullColor: '#3afc25',
                        almostColor: '#ffff0c',
                        halfColor: '#ff8c00',
    					noneColor: '#ff1111'

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