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Combination MMM-Carousel, MMM-OnScreenMenu & MMM-Keybindings

  • Hello,

    I have combined the 3 Modules MMM-Carousel, MMM-OnScreenMenu and MMM-KeyBindings.
    But I dont get the Keyboard-Thing…

        			module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
        				config: {
            			evdev: { enabled: false },
    //        			enableKeyboard: true,
                		module: 'MMM-Carousel',
                		position: 'bottom_bar', // Required only for navigation controls
                			config: {
                    			transitionInterval: 10000,
                    			ignoreModules: ['clock', 'alert', 'MMM-OnScreenMenu'],
                    			mode: 'slides',
    					slideTransitionSpeed: 1500,
                    			showPageIndicators: true,
                    			showPageControls: true,
                    			slides: {
                        			main: ['calendar', 'compliments', 'currentweather'],
                        			"Slide 2": ['weatherforecast', 'mvgmunich', 'MMM-AVStock', 'newsfeed'],
                        			"Slide 3": ['MMM-LICE']
                    			keyBindings: {
                        					enabled: true,
                        					map: {
                            				NextSlide: "ArrowRight",
                            				PrevSlide: "ArrowLeft",
                            				Slide0:    "Home",
                        					mode: "DEFAULT"
                		module: 'MMM-OnScreenMenu',
                		position: 'bottom_left',
                		/* Valid positions: 'top_right', 'top_left', 'bottom_right', 'bottom_left' */
                		config: {
                    		touchMode: true,
            			menuItems: {
                				monitorOff: { title: "Turn Off Monitor", icon: "television", source: "SERVER" },
                				restart: { title: "Restart MagicMirror", icon: "recycle", source: "ALL" },
                				refresh: { title: "Refresh MagicMirror", icon: "refresh", source: "LOCAL" },
                				reboot: { title: "Reboot", icon: "spinner", source: "ALL" },
                				shutdown: { title: "Shutdown", icon: "power-off", source: "ALL" },
                    		enableKeyboard: true,
    				enableKeyBindings: true,
    				keyBindingsMode: "OSM",
    				keyBindings: {
    						enabled: true,
    						map: {
    							Up: "ArrowUp",
    							Down : "ArrowDown",
    							Select: "Enter",
    							Close: "Return",
    							Menu: "Menu",
    				kbMultiInstance: true,
    				keyBindingsTakeFocus: "Menu",
                    		menuName: "Main",

    At the Moment, only the OnScreenMenu reacts on pressing the Menu-Key… When I change the “// enableKeyboard: true,” in
    KeyBindings-config, the Carousel reacts on the Arrow-Keys for sliding
    the different Mirror-Screens…
    But I can’t get it to work with BOOTH Modules, ScreenMenu AND Carousel…So when I press left & right Arrow for sliding, while pressing
    Menu/ArrowUp/Down for the Menu and choosing a Option…

    Can anyone point to the right Direction, please?


  • Hi, cant really help here. But do you mind sharing what you did to make MMM-Kebindings work? Im really stuck there 😞
    trying to change page based of a key press

  • Hi,

    I’m not sure, wheter Keybindings really works, since only OnScreenMenu reacts on pressing the Menu Key.
    I’ve played around the last Month with Enabling Keybindings in every of the Modules (OnScreenMenu,Key-
    Bindings,Carousel) by changing that… Never got it to work…
    I found out, that the hidden Mousecoursor, when its “over” the Arrows of Carousel, reacts on pressing them.
    So I am able to control them by Mouse, at least…
    the Rest I never get to work together…

    KeyBindings is still Default, as you can see above…

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