Hi i need help with text style

How can i align it to right and max width with 50%, Because now when i make it top_right or top_left its moving all my modules to other side. I guess this is the code for text changes.

getDom: function () {
let wrapper = document.createElement(“div”);
let quoteTextDiv = document.createElement(“div”);
let quoteAuthorDiv = document.createElement(“div”);

quoteTextDiv.className = "normal"; quoteAuthorDiv.className = "small dimmed"; if (this.result.quoteText && this.result.quoteAuthor){ quoteTextDiv.innerHTML = this.result.quoteText; quoteAuthorDiv.innerHTML = this.result.quoteAuthor; }else{ quoteTextDiv.innerHTML = "Loading"; quoteAuthorDiv.innerHTML = ""; } wrapper.appendChild(quoteTextDiv); wrapper.appendChild(quoteAuthorDiv); return wrapper;