@Jose-Walsh Thanks for that suggestion. I did look into that but most extrusions are 2 cm and I think they would stick out too much. I think I have a solution: the door hinges that IKEA provides slots into the aluminium frame (which is an extrusion of its own). It uses 2 screws to holf it in place. So, my idea is to use those to hang a frame on. I will use double sided tape to stick the screen but the frame will bear the weight. However, they provide 3 hinges and I need more for the other side. Now, one thing I just learned is that IKEA will send you spare parts for free if some broke. so I will get an extra 2 hinges, hack of the hinge part and use the rest to secure the screen on the other side. Will follow up when I am a bit further along. But of course, to anyone else reading this, still open to ideas.