Had some time work on this again and I’d like to follow up in case it can help someone else who is new to this as I have solved the problem.

Let it be known that the only experience I have with code is a little of each - Arduino, BASIC (From 15 years ago and it was ancient even then), and C+, so bear with me.

I was receiving a blank screen because I installed the Wunderlist module into the /Modules/default folder with the other modules as that was my intuition. So the config file couldn’t find the module when called. I simply cut and pasted the whole MMM-Wunderlist folder into /modules.

So that was just an installation (user) problem as the directions clearly state that it goes under /modules, not /modules/defaults.

At this point only the header would display- No list. I tried leaving it at the default of the “inbox” list, which never worked.

I tried another list and it finally showed up! The list name is case sensitive, which may be an added security feature for authentication.

I did not try testing the “inbox” using a capital “I”, so it may work, but regardless, these small changes fixed the issue.

Special thanks to @bobbob601 for taking the time to help diagnose and testing tokens and ID’s on his own MagicMirror.

I’ll post some pictures once I have it all configured the way I’d like.