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Calendar Module not reloading/updating the entries

  • Hello,

    love the MM. Thanks for making it so easy to install.

    I have trouble with the calendar module. I am using an iCal Weblink. Loads as a charm. But when MM keeps on running it seems the calendar entries seem not to be updated. The time behind one entry is updated, but when the topmost entry e.g. is approaching it does not drop out. It is still in the list and the time shows “how long it was from the past” (abs(dateOfEntry - now)).

    Restarting the MM helps, but doing this once a day seems not the intended way to solve this problem ,-).

    Any hints?

    Kind regards.
    Ralf Klüber

  • @rak I’m also seeing this issue, I have entries showing on added in the calendar that are no longer part of the news feed online. It seems it’s ‘filling up’ then not refreshing 😞

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