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MagicMirror with BalenaCloud

  • Module Developer

    Hi, I am planing to setup a few MagicMirror instances and I am looking for an easy way to remotely manage all the instances.

    I found BalenaCloud which looks very promising. I am new to Docker and I can’t wrap my head aroud on how to use the MagicMirror Docker image with BalenaCloud.

    Does anyone have any experience with this combination?

    There are still some issues, but I guess these can be fixed:)

    Edit 2:
    I finally was able to fix the randome restarts of the MagicMirror service. It should be stable now.
    However there is still an issue with the Browser service starting before the MagicMirror instance is finished, which results in an error screen that can be resolved with restarting the Browser service. This only occures on restarts tho…

  • @idoodler Excellent work, I will be trying this out very soon. Going to play with a standalone version first. I got DAKboard running using BalenaCloud (instructions) but it’s quite limiting unless you pay a subscription.

  • Module Developer

    I have great news. I finaly had time to work on this again. It is currently working with some caviets. I will push my changes as soon as I resolved them. This is a huge improvement for me, as it enables easy remote management of many MagicMirror installations:)

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