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Would this be possible?

  • I have the Spotify module that I love, but when I am not playing music I hate the black space in the corner where I have it located. Could I set it up so that when I am not playing Spotify music that another module shows in the space and when I play music, the module disappears? I know on the remote module I can manually hide and show modules but I want it done automatically. Can it be done?

  • Hi,

    I believe you can do it with MMM-NotificationTrigger and MMM-RemoteControl.
    i.e :
    When Spotify stops, send notification “SPOTIFY STOP”. (within Spotify module)

    When “SPOTIFY STOP” is received by MMM-NotificationTrigger, send “HIDE MODULE Spotify” to MMM-RemoteControl.

    Of course, code is not correctly written, but that’s how I would do it. MMM-NotificationTrigger and MMM-RemoteControl are pretty easy to use.

    FYI, I’m already doing that with news / compliments modules. When news article is made bigger by the “Article_more-details” notification, then the compliment module is hidden.
    Once “article-less-details” is triggered, then the compliment module is shown again.


  • @bolish Thanks. I guess then I could also reverse it so when spotify plays music, it would hide the other module and then spotify would appear on my mirror.

  • Correct.

  • Module Developer

    Are you talking about “MMM-Spotify”?

    You can do it more simple way.
    Add this into your css/custom.css

    #SPOTIFY.pausing {

    This could make module hiding when paused.

  • When the boss talks… 🙂
    Indeed it seems easier as @Sean proposed if you use his new MMM-Spotify module. (Which I will try soon also).
    I’ve learnt one more thing myself.

  • @Sean yep. That’s it. So if I put another module in the same spot but after it in the config, Spotify would show up when playing and when paused/shut down the other module would show up?

  • Module Developer

    Later module will jump down when spotify is appeared.

  • @Sean after further review I am using MMM-NowPlayingonSpotify Would it work on that or do I need to install MMM-Spotify. Looks like they do the same thing, MMM-Spotify lets you control via voice if you so choose, which I don’t have set up but it shouldn’t be a problem I assume.

  • Module Developer

    Controlling spotify on MM (besides voice, there could be many possibilities, - sensors, or any programmable condition) is difference. If you need not, nothing different.

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