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[ORDER CLOSED] Two way mirror order in Germany

  • Hi @Goldjunge_Chriz!

    Please modify my Order: 120x70cm if the all-in price (including shipping to Austria) is not exceeding 300€
    Thanks a lot for your work in this Forum!

    Happy New Year!!

  • Hey there, I’d take a mirror of 0,8m x 0,5m. I live in Kölle am Rhing (Cologne). Well I need delivery. Have I missed, that You need 20qm - but talking about ordering after newer with 8qm? Well I don’t mind… Can You tell the shipping fees?

  • @Binog said in Two way mirror order in Germany:

    after new year

  • hey, i`m interested too! but what are the shipping fees to vienna? thx


    I used this website in the netherlands, its relative cheap. Maybe you can send an email if they send orders to germany ?

    It is worth it to try !

    Seems great for you guys! The shipping cost in the netherlands was only 20 euro not sure what the prices in europe are!

    My 24 inch screen resized glass cost me around 22 euro. I thought the glass can be delivered in 3mm and 5mm depth.

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    Do you have some pictures of the glass on a working mirror?

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  • @Labzz @yawns
    Can you please talk about this mirror in a new thread? I’ve tried many mirrors and spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best and would not want people to be unsettled by a possibly untarnished product because of a cheap price. The picture is also not very meaningful. By the way, this is a mirror made of acrylic (plastic) rather than genuine glass. Therefore, no comparison can be made here. However, it is up to each individual to decide whether to value quality. But please lead your discussion on this in a new thread and not here. Thank you 🙂

  • @cpramhofer
    here is your update 🙂 You can also update the list at any time by yourself.

    # username sizes (m) area (m²) location additional comments pickup/delivery latest date of order
    01 yawns ~ 0.8 * 0.8 ~ 0.64 Germany, Cologne polished edges delivery Summer 2017 🙂
    02 gustav1976 0.6 * 1.8 1.08 Germany, Koblenz polished edges delivery
    03 gustav1976 1.0 * 1.2 1.20 Germany, Koblenz polished edges delivery
    04 gustav1976 1.4 * 0.8 1.12 Germany, Koblenz polished edges delivery
    05 lolobyte 0.8*0.6 0,48 Germany, Heilbronn polished edges pickup ASAP
    06 Jeff 1,0 * 0,6 0,6 Germany, Karlsruhe polished edges pickup
    07 Ashidian 0,69 * 0,435 0,3 (pay 0,4) Germany, Rostock polished edges delivery
    08 cpramhofer 1,2 * 0,7 0,84 Austria, Vienna polished edges delivery
    09 mcg 0,5 * 1,0 0,5 Germany, Ludwigshafen polished edges delivery, insured mid of January
    10 cfenner 0,667*0,667 0,45 Germany, Mannheim polished edges pickup in Heilbronn don’t care 😉
    11 sero 0,5 * 0,4 0,2 (pay 0,4) Germany, Stuttgart polished edges delivery
    12 Deepgear 0,46*1,5 0,69 Germany, Pforzheim just cut pickup ASAP
    Total 8,40 (8,10)

  • @Binog
    Please see my post here some weeks ago.

    the glass suplier called me back now. Good news, It will be possible to order less than 20 qm. I could negotiate a lump sum staggering for orders under 20 qm:

    • 150 Euro from 5 to 10 qm
    • 100 Euro from 10 to 15 qm
    • above 15 qm is now for free instead of above 20 qm 🙂

    This amount must be paid only once for all mirrors together. It will be divided by the square meters of all interested guys here and converted to the square meter price (For example: total ordered area is currently 6 qm. 150 € : 6 qm = 25 Euro. 296 € + 25 € = New qm price for Order under 10 qm: 321 €)

    If everyone agrees with that the mirrors can be ordered earlier. Please let me know (especially the users in the list)

    if we can get exact 10 m2 the price for an squaremeter is 306 € for everyone here. The more people order, the cheaper it gets 🙂